Our mission is to architect systems:

  • Working in real-time
  • Innovative and fully integrated
  • Based on open and automated industry standards
  • Constantly evolving to meet business challenges
  • Delivered and operated with high level services

CTIAI's structure is triangulated in 3 spheres of expertise so that we can provide complete solutions that are perfectly integrated into our customers environments.

CTIAI formally makes a commitment to its customers that once the opportunity has been identified, you will then benefit from the greatest possible solution, or even from a deployment plan that is fully compliant and adapted to the project, whatever its nature or its location.

what we offer


CTIAI will offer you the best turnkey solutions for your security and analysis requirements. CTIAI will support you from the start in designing the architecture of your security solution. We will offer you the right solutions and integrate them under one platform. Our team will then orchestrate the production of your entire security solution and then support you in the operation of your new solution.

Information technology

Our expertise is to offer you a robust IT infrastructure combined with a personalized, available, fast and guaranteed support service. This combination thus allows you to achieve a high availability rate of your applications and thus reduce revenue and operational losses.

Our extensive experience in information technology allows us to provide professional IT business solutions and services to you at an affordable cost. Whether for the supply of office equipment, POS or for the maintenance and upgrading of your equipment, our IT team will meet your needs. By combining it with our installation and support services covering all of Canada and the United States, CTIAI will be the partner of choice for your business for managing your IT and POS equipment for your branch network.

You can also entrust CTIAI with hosting your data and applications in info-cloud mode. Our servers, guaranteed for 10 years and using "liquid cooling" technology, guarantee performance and availability.

Contagion prevention

Since the start of the current pandemic, CTIAI has used its experience and expertise to build a range of technological solutions for the prevention of infections. We are able to advise you on the best solutions to implement. We offer a suite of technological solutions enabling businesses and organizations to equip themselves with the tools to protect customers and employees and thus ensure the continuity of their operations.

Our role as an integrator is to support you throughout the process of your project. This is why CTIAI offers the single point of contact for all technical and operational aspects of the different solutions we offer.

CTIAI provides comprehensive services covering all operational needs. We have an extensive network of warehouses, IT and infrastructure technicians across Canada and the United States. This service structure allows us to respond to your service calls in less than 48 hours. Personalized deployment and installations, 7/24/365 remote monitoring, remote and on-site technical assistance. CTIAI is able to operate your solutions for one or more than a thousand locations.