ISS Virtual device

  1. Copy file of previously recorded video to the SecurOS folder (e. g. C:\SecurOS). Rename this
    file as X. Y, where X—integer number from 0 till 31, Y—integer number from 1 till 16.
  2. Create Video Capture Device object (see SecurOS Administration Guide) in SecurOS object tree
    and set the following parameters:

    1. Type -> select the Virtual value from the drop-down list box
    2. PCI Channel -> select the X value (see item 1). For example, if the file name was 0.01,
      then one need to set the 0 value.
  3. Create Camera object as a child one for the just created Video Capture Device object (see item 2). Define a channel number: set the Y value (see item 1). For example, if the file name was 0. 01, then one need to set the 1 value.

Warning! Channel number should not coincide with channels used in other Video Capture
Device objects on the same computer, otherwise the video will not be displayed on the video
monitor. In this case rename the file by changing its X value to make it differ from any number
of already used channels.

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