UVI: Intelligent point-of-sale terminal with analytics

From local family run stores to nationwide chains use UVI and added security tools to help reduce shrinkage and property damage.

UVI is based:

  • On digital video and recording of transactions from point of sale systems
  • Synchronises and indexes the point of sale transactions and the recorded video
  • Detect fraudulent activity in retail stores as the transactions are underway
  • The UVI signals, as the fraudulent transaction is occurring, a notification alarm

The advanced user interface allows for searching of the recorded database and for specific transactions, date and time, product description, bar code data, employee code, by dollar value, or by any customized detail that would be included in the transactional information extracted by the system.

Example of Rules that can be added:

  • Point of Sales transactions analysis
  • Void transactions
  • Refund transactions
  • Suspend transactions
  • High Rebates/discounts
  • Abnormal High Value transactions
  • Abnormal Low Value transactions
  • Controlled (eg. Alcohol) products transactions
  • Payment type (eg. Corporate cards or point cards)
  • Scheduled monitoring
  • Transactions without customers
  • Suspicious transactions with customers
  • Customer detection and no transaction
  • Doors opening/closing detection
  • Detection of loitering
  • Detection of car rewash sold without customers
  • Video audit of corporate rules

Supported Platforms


Architecture of a retail infrastructure

Transport & Urban Security

From SafeCity to Transport concepts and knowledge

Homeland security is a major focus for government agencies. Digital IP video monitoring is crucial for securing areas such as federal, state and city facilities, parks, courts, traffic intersections, and more. With the use of CTIAI solutions, government agencies can manage multiple areas remotely from a central command center while keeping costs down. Statistics have shown that video surveillance is a highly-effective tool to against crime. The security of every citizen is a higher priority than ever for national and regional administrations. Governmental bodies and public authorities are employing CTIAI solutions to help fight vandalism, theft, assault and the threat of terrorism more cost effectively. Such solutions also offer valuable reassurance to the public that every individual and their personal property are safer and more secure.

CTIAI solutions for cities provide greater flexibility while offering lower installation and support costs than conventional CCTV surveillance systems. This makes it highly economic for authorities to provide wide scale coverage of building entrances and lobbies as well as streets, car parks, shopping malls, stations and other public locations. Clear, detailed color images from video cameras also provides better intelligence to police and emergency services, helping them to deal with and analyze incidents more effectively.

CTIAI solutions have been used very effectively in airports, train stations, bus stops, and taxi stands. Traffic monitoring can be integrated to provide "Smart" roadway and can count vehicles, track speed and direction. The feature can use a modified version of object tracking and behavior recognition to detect and alert an unlimited number of traffic based scenarios. Control and monitoring of multiple lanes and roadways are always at the fingertips of the system operators. CTIAI traffic monitoring system can analyze traffic patterns, count vehicles and determine speed and telemetry, alert based on unusual activity or objects. The system can be integrated into legacy traffic management systems or be a centerpiece of a completely new system.

CTIAI also provides License Plate Recognition (LPR) capability which simultaneously detects captures and compares multiple car license plates in real time. LPR utilizes an algorithm to detect & capture car license plate letters & numbers. Once captured, the car license plate is compared to selected subject plate numbers for identification. LPR data base synchronizes all image, video and event data.

Remote monitoring can help road, rail and airline passengers get to their destination promptly, safely and reliably. Remotely controlled cameras can transmit a real-time picture of traffic congestion or adverse weather conditions on the road to police, broadcasters or motoring organizations, helping drivers plan their route more effectively while saving time and avoiding accidents.

With the public perception of increased crime and terrorism a major factor in customers' desire to use transportation services, network cameras sited at railway, bus and metro stations can enhance customer safety and security by providing a visible deterrent against theft and assaults.

Transport companies, security staff and public authorities can guard against the threat of terrorism more effectively by monitoring the movements of passengers and keeping watch for known suspects or potentially threatening activities. As well as serving as a valuable aid to public safety and security, CTIAI framework-based cameras also allow airlines and rail companies to track, count and analyze passenger movements in a busy lounge or concourse in order to provide a better service to their customers.

Critical Infrastructure

Banking concepts and knowledge

Using CTIAI financial institutions solutions can easily and effectively manage multiple locations from a single command and control center. iBANK (intelligent banking) can implement effective access control, surveillance, monitoring and centralized command and control of security operations. iBANK provides an ideal system for centralized monitoring of ATM machines over a large geographical area or the entire country.

Retail banking is facing increasing pressure from customers, investors and other stakeholders to take a proactive stance on safety issues relating to people and financial assets. Whether it's ATM robbery or bank hold-ups, safety is becoming a key feature of corporate governance.

The system allows security personnel in the Bank to manage and view the bank's entire network of branches, even program automated sequence of events or camera views. Video storage at each individual bank is such that minimum monthly maintenance is all that is required to keep the system functioning seamlessly.

To address these issues reliably and cost effectively, retail banks can protect their staff and assets more effectively with iBANK. Small, discreet IP cameras can be ET2Kitioned anywhere within a bank's premises to keep a watchful eye on cash desks, counters, doorways and staff entrances as well as deposit vaults and other secure areas. Staff can monitor images in real time using any desktop PC, and recordings can be archived securely for browsing and searching at any time.

Intelligence imbedded into iBANK can automatically activate camera recordings or via an alarm trigger event and camera control can be integrated with other security elements like door access systems. IBANK seamlessly can be integrated with banks' existing IT and networking infrastructures.

The system allows security personnel in the Bank to manage and view the bank's entire network of branches, even program automated sequence of events or camera views. Video storage at each individual bank is such that minimum monthly maintenance is all that is required to keep the system functioning seamlessly.