Video surveillance

Whether it is for a brand new video surveillance system, for updating your current solution or for integrating different solutions under the same platform, CTIAI is the right partner to provide you with the right expertise. CTIAI does not prefer a supplier, it prefers the right solution according to the needs of each client.

Surveillance camera

CTIAI offers a complete line of security cameras from different manufacturers covering all needs and budgets. Our experts will suggest and position the cameras according to the environment and needs for optimal performance.

  • Indoor / outdoor
  • IP
  • Fish eye / Turret / Bullet
  • Movement detector
  • Zoom
  • Bidirectional
  • Panoramic
  • Night vision

DVR / NVR Recorder

CTIAI offers a complete line of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and NVR (Network Video Recorder) recorders from various manufacturers.

CTIAI also offers a range of CTIAI brand NVR models guaranteed for up to 10 years.

Our expertise in IT and security, added to our understanding of the concepts of high speed frames per second allows us to offer innovative and efficient recorders.

CTIAI NVRs using liquid cooling technology are designed to meet the growing needs of high definition (HD) CCTV camera recording.

Video surveillance software (VMS)

Integrator of security solutions for more than 10 years, CTIAI has in-depth knowledge of video surveillance software offered by manufacturers. Our experts will identify your needs and offer you the software best suited to your situation.


If your company has video surveillance solutions from different manufacturers and you want to manage these different solutions on the same VMS platform, CTIAI will offer you its EAGLE TARGET ™ solution.

EAGLE TARGET ™ is a VMS allowing the use of different camera manufacturers in a single dashboard. It includes all the functions of a standard VMS, live camera monitoring and video footage search.

EAGLE TARGET ™ can also collect sensitive information in its database to perform transactional searches, configure alerts when certain conditions are met, configure KPIs or export data to advanced BI software.

Connect your new solution to the CTIAI 365/24/7 video surveillance service and leave with peace of mind while our team remotely monitors your installations.